Over the years, we have tried many many different ways to decorate our eggs. The most commonly used are painting and dyeing, as well as drawing with assorted media, such as pencils, textas and even make-up!

Paints, pencils and pens, with a mix of finished and unfinished eggs

Paints, pencils and pens, with a mix of finished and unfinished eggs

As the years go by the challenge to come up with something new has meant delving into more and more adventurous techniques.

Dentist drills (my brother repairs them) have allowed us to create eggs covered with holes, carved designs, getting more intricate over the years, as my brothers get more confident with the tools.

Painting wax on a egg then dissolving the shell with vinegar leaves solid egg shell with holes – less precise than a drill but a fun experiment…

Sometimes eggs get broken – there’s that fearful gasp, followed by a dreadful crunch and cries of “oh no, did it survive?!” But then smashed eggshell bits can make a great mosaic! Or perhaps something can be tucked inside the broken bit?

Sometimes people decide to add on extra bits to their eggs – hats, fins, ears, all sorts of things!

Dipping and dyeing

An easy way to start the great egg-decorating adventure, dyeing eggs lets anyone create something beautiful. Dyes are easy to find around Easter time – try your local delicatessen, especially if they stock European foods, as egg-dyeing is an Easter tradition in many European countries. Some use cold water but many use a mix of … Continue reading Dipping and dyeing


Painting is probably the most common method of decorating the eggs, often in combination with other techniques, such as dyeing. Some people spend hours (or occasionally days) painting very intricate designs, while others just enjoy dabbing away with a brush. It’s easy for youngsters to get into and they love the feel of paint going … Continue reading Painting

Carving and drilling

From the simple holes drilled in the ends of the eggs so that we could blow out the insides, my brothers started branching out into new ways to eggsperiment with the drill. Dave’s dalegg took a lot of patience and a steady hand, combined with some pearlescent 3d paint. Steve spent hours tucked away in … Continue reading Carving and drilling