Eggs with eggstra bits

Why stick to the basic egg shape? The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can add to an egg. We’ve created eggs with hats…

Annette C-B's beautiful rainbow hat

Annette C-B’s beautiful rainbow hat

The side view of Annette's beautiful rainbow hat egg

The side view of Annette’s beautiful rainbow hat egg


eggs with feet…

egg with feet and fluffy chicken hatching

James’s fluffy chicken egg

and many with fins (most fishy eggs are by my son, Robert, whose first word was ‘ish’ (hey, F is a hard letter to say…)).

goldfish with paper fins

Robbie’s goldfish

Extra bits can make a few other things challenging… How do you varnish them? Do you varnish before or after the extra bit goes on? How on earth do you store an egg with a crown?

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