Beetle baby…

My baby just turned 21. She’s so old. I’M so old! Where did all those years go?

Way back in the beginning, for her first Easter, I painted her an egg, just like I’d done for all her brothers and sisters before her. My baby eggs.

Each design was chosen for a reason, some connection with who they were at the time. Beth’s egg came from her name – Elizabeth – which has so many variations and nicknames that I have always had fun playing with it. LizzieBee, Busy Lizzie, Dizzy Lizzie, Lizzie in a Tizzie (!), Bethabub. It’s funny – so many Lizzie nicknames but she NEVER gets called just Lizzie.

My Dad, who always calls people something strange (I got Jellybeans or Jellifer Jane) calls her Elizabeetle, I think initially from the way she would beetle round the floor as a baby. She would have been 8 or 9 months old at her first Easter – the perfect age for beetling. So…


Looking at the 21 year old, the likeness is uncanny…


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