A most eggscellent adventure* begins!

Every year, on Easter Sunday, my family (plus a pile of eggstras we’ve ‘adopted’ over the years) gathers together to decorate eggs. It’s a noisy, crazy messy day and I love it!

We’ve been doing this for over 45 years now and the collection of blown, decorated eggs now eggceeds 2000 eggs. That’s a lot of eggs to store and display!

Every egg has a story, whether it’s commemorating a special event or showing off an interesting technique. The eggs represent years of artwork by artists young and old, from a 1 year old’s first egg, done with a lot of help from a patient parent (generally a messy affair involving lots of paint on both child and mum or dad!) through to my father’s eagerly anticipated yearly masterpieces. My brother Stephen seems to look at the world sideways and I’m always keen to see what quirky approach he’ll take.

I’m so eggscited to be stepping forth into this adventure with you. These eggs are so beautiful and so full of history and meaning that I can’t wait to start sharing their stories.

Of course, you’ll also have to put up with a whole lot of eggscruciating egg puns along the way… (feel free to suggest more!)

Follow along – you never know, you may see one of your own in here!

*Thanks, Bill and Ted, let’s “party on, dudes!



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