Scrambling for an idea…

It can be hard to come up with a new idea, and when the pressure’s on you start to look at what’s going on around you for inspiration. What happens every year, without fail? Scrambled eggs, of course!

With several dozen eggs being blown each year ( you get to paint 2 eggs each), there’s a lot of egg to dispose of. Luckily we all love to eat scrambles.

For such a simple meal, nowadays it’s quite complex! We have normal toast and gluten-free toast, and a tasty tomato and capsicum sauce on the side with variations for vegetarians, bacon munchers, and varying levels of chilli. Want grated cheese on top? Would that be lactose free or standard cheese?

With so many people to please, it’s no wonder it takes all day.

I do feel a bit sorry for my mum – she does most of the hard work!

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