Autumn leaves

Canberra is beautiful in autumn. Well, actually I think it’s lovely all year round, as we have so many trees (they do call it the bush capital for a reason), but I especially love autumn, with its vibrant changing colours.

One of my favourite Canberra moments is driving from Belconnen into the city centre in late April or May. As you come over the hill on Barry Drive, suddenly the older suburbs are laid out in front of you, awash in autumn reds and golds. The landscape has changed completely from the green of summer and there seems to be far more trees than you ever knew were there, once they’re decked out in their seasonal finery.

Back at home, autumn is heralded in by the changing leaves of the Japanese maple tree in our back yard and the ornamental grapevine at my parent’s place.

How could I resist celebrating that beautiful colour on an egg?

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