Death of a teddy…

This egg tells the tragic tale of a traumatic childhood incident that occurred between my two brothers. Of course, it’s being told from MY memory of the occurrence – if it’s not quite right they’ll have to fess up!

My brother Steve had a beloved teddy bear, that he had treasured for years and wouldn’t part with. My brother Dave, ever the stirrer and determined to tease, decided to hide the teddy somewhere Steve couldn’t find it. But where to put it? It had to be a really good hiding place…

They shared a room and slept in bunk beds, with Dave in the top bed.

Aha! The perfect spot! Visible and reachable only from the top bunk.

Reaching across from his upper level eyrie, Dave popped the teddy into the light shade where Steve couldn’t possibly reach it. Great plan, except…

…when a nylon teddy meets a hot light globe, it’s Bye Bye Bear!

Many years later, Steve painted this memorial egg for his bear, complete with a handkerchief parachute so that this time his teddy could rescue himself.

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