You’re never too young to paint an egg!

The evidence is right here, with this cute little egg, ‘painted’ by Tori when she was about three months old.

It was her very first Easter, back in 2014. I suspect the biggest issue was how to stop her from stuffing those enticing pink hands into her mouth!

Oh, and how to keep pink paint off her cute little chicken suit…

Charlie with 'chicken'

Mum, Charlotte, with ‘chicken’ – a nickname that stuck. 

I think Tori holds the record for the earliest egg painting, born at the right time of year, and with a dedicated mum! All the kids really get into it, though, having a great time spreading paint around an egg, or scribbling on it with crayons or markers, and it’s wonderful to see the progression as the years go by.

I’ll have to find a newer Tori egg to compare…

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