Bathing beauty

So now a coast post…

My parents, over many, many years, have hosted a steady stream of Japanese girls (and the occasional very eggsceptional guy). Some have come as teaching assistants, some just to experience life in a typical Australian home (my parents? ‘typical’? not so much…). They all want to experience as much of this beautiful country as they can.

Back in 1996, Hitomi decided to travel to Queensland, seeking the sun and the surf.

Of course, a coast trip requires a nice new swimsuit. Off she went, with a shiny new blue and white striped one-piece suit. Perfect! And of course a one-piece provides so much more protection for skin that isn’t used to the harsh Aussie sun.


All those white stripes let the sun through, with only the blue stripes blocking it out. The result? A fantastic stripey sunburn, definitely worthy of commemoration on an egg.

Well, I guess that’s one Aussie experience she won’t forget…

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