Uneggspected things…

Well, this is not the post I intended for today – I’m at the coast, so I had planned to do a bathing suit post – but today we’ve seen so many uneggspected things that I felt a different egg was calling me.

To set the scene, we are staying in Dalmeny, a tiny town on the south coast, in the house my eggscentric uncle built back in the 70s. It’s a quiet town, with an ageing population (especially as more and more Canberra folk retire down here).

Sitting inside, waiting for everyone to get ready to go out, and suddenly there’s a loud noise and the little house begins to vibrate. With a loud roar not one, not two, but three (!) helicopters do a random flyby over the house, low enough to rattle the walls.
Weird – why on earth were they here in this out of the way place?

Next, as we’re driving round the headland on our way to the nearby Narooma for supplies, we spot a yacht way out to sea. Now I know yachts and water seems like a logical combination, but I don’t remember ever seeing a yacht in the ocean here before, and so far out.
Pretty, but weird…

We drive on…

Whoah! What on earth is that kid riding? A young guy glides past us, heading down the path at speed, on what appears to be a cross between a skateboard and a gyroscope, looking like something out of Back to the Future II. So weird – never seen anything like it! (I looked it up – it’s a ONEWHEEL+ XR – seriously cool!)

We drive further…

“Hey look – a parasail!” But hang on, what’s that round thing on the back? Turns out that was no ordinary parasail either – it was a powered paraglider (PPG) and the ring on the back is a motor and propeller.


Mike Fifield CA 2007 – CC BY 3.0

Wow, what a lot of strange things we’ve seen, we think, and carry on to town.
We buy our groceries and head back home, stopping to pick up some firewood from a petrol station on the way – normal enough.

Oh, except for that guy filling up his car dressed in full Scottish regalia – kilt, knee socks, sporran and all. Well, I guess there is a Dalmeny in Scotland, after all (though this was in Narooma…).

Dalmeny House in Scotland

Dalmeny House in Scotland (I think that’s my mum, eggsiting, stage left)

Today has been a VERY weird day.

SO…. what is the weirdest egg in the collection? It had to be one of Stephen’s eggs – he just doesn’t look at the world in the same way as the rest of us.

It’s probably the plainest egg of them all, being totally undecorated.

Just like most of these eggs, sitting ready to become someone’s masterpiece…


…with a hole in each end so you can blow the egg out, a slightly speckled shade of cream because white eggs are really hard to find.




It’s rectangular.


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