No fluffy chickens here today…

Be warned – eggstremely soppy post coming up…

Back when my husband Neill and I were romantic young things, in the throes of young love but still too shy to say it in public, we would made lengthy phone calls to each other. Since this was back when phones were all firmly attached to the wall, there was no hope of a private moment to say “I love you”. One of us would end the call with a slightly muffled “I love you”and the other, less brave (usually me – hey, I had 4 brothers and sisters to listen in and he had only 1!), would reply with “same to you”.

So discreet, no-one would ever suspect that!

At which point I’d get called a fluffy chicken.

Today my son James, the maker of this fluffy chicken egg, very publicly declared his love for his beautiful new bride, Casha, on a beach in Victoria, BC, Canada.

I’m so proud right now…

… and just a little bit teary.

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