A small bite of an egg tale

So… It turns out that writing an egg tale can be quite a time consuming process, especially for the really elaborate eggs. And not every egg HAS a really eggstraordinary tale – some are just pretty, or cute, or a particularly nice colour. It would be sad if those eggs missed out on their moment in the spotlight.

So I’ve decided to intersperse the more eggstraordinary tales with simpler posts.

Eggstracts perhaps, or eggcerpts. The eggspress version, without the eggspectation of eggcessive teggst in every blegg post.

More of a humble poached egg of a post, rather than the full-on Eggs Benedict.

Enough already…!

This way I’ll be able to share more of the eggs, more often, without having to take eggstreme measures such as quitting my day job.

Though maybe one day…

A bed's worth of eggs

There are so many more eggs to come…

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