Creativity is in her genes…

Well, yes, given the artistic background she comes from, but for this egg it’s actually ON her jeans!

Over the years Katie has spent a lot of time vandalising graffitiing decorating anything that didn’t run away fast enough. Books, clothes and even her curtains.

This egg, painted in 2010, was taken from a pair of her jeans, that she’d covered with quotes, song lyrics and images that meant something to her at the time. There’s a nod to the Lord of the Rings (well, LOTR memes…) and song lyrics, alongside twirls and swirls and dragonflies.

Hopefully the Japanese text is suitable for public exposure, as I have no idea what that bit says!

The jeans may have passed on, as much-loved clothing eventually has to do, but this egg has captured a moment in time, keeping that crazy teenage inner world of hers alive.

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