Need some eggy inspiration?

Well, today’s the day, at last. Yes, it’s Easter Sunday – egg painting day. Happy Easter everyone!

The thinking has already begun and throughout the family the question is being asked “What will I paint on my eggs this year?”

For me, nowadays, it’s usually about something significant the happened over the past year. It’s been a busy year – a wedding in Canada, a trip to New Zealand and the amazing Escher X Nendo eggshibition in Melbourne, just for starters. But I only get 2 eggs, so that’s going to be tricky!

But eggy inspiration can be found everywhere. We have eggs based on fancy crockery…

…and eggs based on a favourite handbag or pair of shoes.

Or perhaps a particularly pretty skirt?

Feeling political? Vote 1, Margaret!

Perhaps a favourite TV show or book…

Or some garden inspiration!

Not into painting? That’s fine – how about some eggy words.


Wrapping paper can be effeggtive, whether as a design idea or actually glued on to the egg.

In the lead up to Easter you start seeing egg designs wherever you go.”Oh, nice carpet you have there. It would make a great egg.” “I really like that shirt your wearing. Would you mind if I take a photo of your back so I can paint it on my egg?”

Perhaps it’s more about eggsperimenting with different teggniques…

The only rule is that there are no rules.


What will YOU paint on your egg this year?

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