A moving eggsperience…

Easter 2019 has been a time of significant firsts. For Canberra, it saw the launch of our first Light Rail Vehicle or LRV (don’t call it a tram!).


After a lot of controversy, a lot of money and a lot of time the system is finally up and running. Some are thrilled – it must be LRV, LuRV, LuuuRV! – while others seem determined to see only the problems. Personally, I’m a bit eggscited and hope I’ll eventually get a chance to go for a ride.


For Eliza, the artist who decorated this egg, this Easter was her first ever egg-painting eggsperience. Hard to believe, given the eggseptional result! Having met most of us for the first time for Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday, she’s quickly earned her place amid the paints, dye, tea cups and chocolate at the decorating table…


…hopefully we’ll see her again next Easter! 

Eliza’s egg is inspired by her involvement with the light rail project. She worked on the planning of the city to Woden alignment and did some mapping work for the city to Gungahlin route. Her involvement didn’t end there – she also helped out as a volunteer on opening day.

The jury is still out on the success of the not-tram but Eliza’s egg-painting career is definitely going places!

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