Why use “no worries” when you could use “cool bananas” instead?!

“Cool bananas” is so much more interesting and conjures up awesome associations like tasty lolly bananas, Rasta music and that great movie Cool Runnings. What’s not to love?

Banana lollies

There’s a myth that the flavour of these is based on a real banana that isn’t around much anymore, the gros michele (or Big Mike), but according to this Gizmodo article it’s the other way around – the real banana tastes fake!

And we share more than 60% of our DNA with bananas, so hey, bananas are cool!

It’s a saying I’ve been using for many years (possibly less appropriate when speaking to the Exec in my day job, but hey, watcha gonna do?). I even have a pair of ‘cool bananas’ socks. It’s so useful – it can mean something that’s excellent, or just agreement – “Will you do such and such?” “Sure, cool bananas”.

When Sachi, one of my parents’ long stream of Japanese student home-stay boarders, came to stay back in October 2003, she soon picked up the banana habit.

So, for her first Easter what could be more logical than a “cool bananas” egg?

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