Before they all blow away….

The weather is chilly and the wind is blowing. Autumn is nearly over. I sat in my cosy house today, cooking muffins with my grandchildren, while watching the wind whip away more of the leaves from my front yard. I’m very lucky – my ‘front yard’ includes a large bit of reserve land in front of Ginninderra Creek.


It’s a lovely vista at any time of year, but Autumn is my absolute favourite season. I’m in love with colour and the garden is so vibrant!


But really, it’s a whole of Canberra thing – we just do Autumn really, really well!


The eggs have now been packed away for another year – gone, like the leaves, but they’ll be back too. But before they went I had the chance to take a whole lot more photos, and a chance to start something new – Colleggtions.

We’ve been doing this so long now that of course there are repeated ideas – you’d be amazed how many eggs have been painted as eyeballs (obviously a good eye-dea!). So we thought it would be fun to showcase some of the different ways people approach the same subjeggt, starting with some of the beautiful Autumn eggs.



Some of these don’t have names on them so I can’t tag all the artists – if an unnamed egg is yours, please let me know!


But you know, I’d be surprised if this is all the Autumn eggs. It can take a long time to go through close to 2,000 eggs – even when you know eggsactly which egg you are looking for it can be impossible to find. Chances are good that there are more to add to this colleggtion.

And maybe more still to be painted!


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