A made-up egg tale…

Over the years of egg-decorating, we’ve eggsperimented with many different mediums – paint, textas, pencil, wax, dye and more. I’d have thought we’d tried just about everything possible by now, but apparently not!

This year, Katie, who is a make-up artist, decided to try something new to egg-decorating, though not new to her. She’s an eggspert when it comes to make-up, so she decided to transfer those skills to her egg.

Using 3 different palettes of eye-shadow plus some gorgeous glittery make-up…

…she set out to recreate a sunset from a photo she’d found on Pinterest, originally posted by Steve Owen on Dark Sky Diary.

Somewhere along the way the sunset got left behind, as the brush strokes and textures and the rich, beautiful colours took on a life of their own, but the vibrancy of the sunset colours still glows through.

The result is eggsquisite.

make-up egg

Katie’s make-up egg



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