Don’t be obtuse…

My dad has a pretty dodgy sense of humour, but loves to play with words. Many years ago he started creating eggs based on plain colours, with quirky, matching colour phrases written on them. The rest of us know them as his Colour Series. I’m not sure which colour came first – maybe next Easter I can find them all and track down which one started this crazy tradition.

Meanwhile, I’m offering this one up to start with – I’ll add more over time, so keep a lookout for them!

There’s always something eggciting when you see Dad starting to decorate a solid coloured egg – is it part of the Colour Series? What cute, catchy idea is he illustrating now? There’s lots of fun to be had trying to guess what the phrase will be.

This one was a tricky one – is it purple? Is it maroon? It seems to be some kind of murky combination of them both…

Dad's colour series - puce egg

How can we work out the phrase when we aren’t even sure of the colour?

Dad paints on – the next bit of writing is not much help!


But finally the truth is revealed.


No wonder we couldn’t work it out!


2 thoughts on “Don’t be obtuse…

  1. Michael says:

    I was pleased that this colour series egg caught Anne again this morning. She had forgotten it and got past the first two photos looking completely bewildered. Heh, heh, heh he sez with an evil chuckle.


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