A wonderful discovery…

In January 2012 my sister Robyn kindly decided to have a spot of major surgery, which meant I was forced (arm twisted behind back!) to travel to Switzerland to help look after her while she recovered. Her awesome and amazing friend Vicki helped pave the way, and off we went together.

My sister kept apologising for not taking us on tours of all the joys of Geneva, and instead, in true fairytale style, sent us forth on an eggspedition to find an IKEA and fetch her back a cupboard.

Who needs guided tours? This eggscursion led to one of the most eggsciting discoveries of my life – a real ‘WOW!’ moment.

I had seen snow before, of course, on rare trips to the Snowy Mountains. It even snows very occasionally in Canberra, though it rarely settles on the ground. But the snow I knew was clumpy feathery stuff that drifted across the sky in a messy fashion and melted as soon as it landed on you. I knew individual snowflakes were supposed to be like fingerprints, no two the same, and made up of beautiful patterns. I’ve made hundreds of paper snowflakes over the years and have many beautiful snowflake Christmas decorations. But they’re all images from under a microscope, of course. Right? RIGHT? NOOOO!

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As Vicki and I waited to get on the bus we noticed that the coat of the woman standing in front of us was covered in tiny, beautiful, amazing, unreal tiny stars!

Snowflakes are just amazing.

Mind…. blown……..

snowflake on coat

My first snowflake, taken back in 2012 with a camera that just couldn’t focus in that far. Such a dodgy photo, but so, so magical…

snowflakes on fur

Robyn’s coat, Rovaniemi, Finland, 2018. Phone cameras are pretty amazing!

I’m just so in love with snowflakes…

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