In search of the Northern Lights…

In January this year, a whole horde of us flew over to Finland for my niece’s wedding. It was a beautiful occasion (which gave me lots of snowflakes to appreciate!) – thanks, Courtney and Alex, for giving us an excuse for a Finnish adventure!

When the Finnish bit was finished, my parents went searching for the Northern Lights, cruising up along the coast of Norway on a boat called the MS Trollfjord, on a  Hurtigruten tour. They did find the lights, and saw the Troll Fjord, and narrowly avoided being ‘baptised’ with ice cubes by Njord, the Norwegian god of the sea.

Amongst my father’s many fabulous photos of freezing fjords, was this lovely shot of a fishing boat, somewhere along the coast of Trondheim.


The perfect subject for this beautiful egg…



Feel like a spot of troll-hunting for yourself? Check out Hurtigruten’s Arctic Awakening tour on their video below.

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