A step back in time…

No, sorry, it’s not Doctor Who (there’ll be a few of those later, and there’s a Dalegg on the site already). This journey back in time was made by my Dad, back in 1998, when he travelled to Shirakawa-go, a historic village in Gifu prefecture, Japan.

**I’m posting one of Dad’s eggs today because it’s his birthday. Happy birthday, Dad!**

Shirakawa-go was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. As a lovely coincidence, in 2013 my daughter, Beth, ended up living just around the corner in Hida-Takayama, for her year as a Rotary Youth Exchange student (a great eggsperience!).

photo of Shirakawa-go houses

Dad’s photo of the Shirakawa-go houses in the snow, from an elderly photo album

The village is made up of gasshō-zukuri style houses. According to Japan Guide:

Gassho-zukuri means “constructed like hands in prayer”, as the farmhouses’ steep thatched roofs resemble the hands of Buddhist monks pressed together in prayer.

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As he travelled, he wrote letters to all of us back at home, sharing his fascinating tales. He’s a wonderful storyteller. When he got back he collected them all back from us – instant diary!



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