Feeling a bit green…

Time for another in Dad’s colour series.

This one is such a deep, rich green that it was really hard to photograph. I think it was dyed, dipped over and over again to get such a gorgeous colour, then painted with a gleaming gold gouache.

colour series green egg

‘Tis better to be green than obscene


There are so many green sayings…

He’s got a green thumb (definitely true in my Dad’s case).
She’s a real greenhorn (that’s me, becoming a shiny new blogger!).
It’s not easy being green (well, not if you’re an egg that wants its photo taken!).
Green about the gills.
Green with envy.
Green eggs and ham (there’s a few of those in the collection too).
The dreaded green-eyed monster of Shakespearean fame!

Dad’s saying, ” ’tis better to be green than obscene”, certainly has a lovely Shakespearean ring to it, but despite possible environmental connotations (he is a bit of a greenie), I actually suspect he just made it up because it rhymes! (feel free to let us in on the secret, Dad!)

Still, it’s funny how time adds new meanings – now I just can’t stop thinking ‘I AM GROOT‘!

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